Top Five Tips for Selecting an Indoor Florida Wedding Reception Venue

Wedding Venue 101

Weddings are filled with family, friends, and beautiful memories. The reception echoes that love story. Some couples share a video about their first moments together, choose their favorite foods to share with guests, create unique table centerpieces to highlight their preferred pastimes, host a wedding game to guess who knows whom best, or dance the night to love song ballads. Events hosted at Anastassia Ballroom are always fun, romantic, and joyful - especially wedding receptions that showcase the couple's romance together. We offer video presentation options and deluxe sound system to highlight special memories, our open floor plan allows multiple table seating options, catering choices are diverse, and our dance stage area is ample. Having an event at our wedding hall is truly a celebration of love and happiness. And with our unique chandeliers, disco ball, and mood lighting, our venue is always ready for a dance party!

Here are our top five tips and go-to wedding advice when selecting an indoor wedding reception venue:

1. Plan ahead! Tour the Florida Venue

It's important to plan ahead and hash out all the details in advance. Whether the couple hires a wedding planner, asks their maid of honor or best man for advice, or gets inspired from friends or family members about a great destination venue, theme, catering, and seating arrangements - planning is a must. Some venues include seating choices; others will not allow for customization. Even if it’s a destination wedding, always tour the event hall (be it in-person or virtually) and call to discuss your wedding ideas with staff. At Anastassia Ballroom, we pride ourselves on making the "i-do" experience worthy of your wedding dreams. We allow third party catering, various seating arrangements, and work hard to accommodate your theme and styling decor.

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2. Seating Style

Banquet, conference, ballroom, theater - there are so many seating options! Make sure to plan and review table seating arrangements prior to the big day. Always request room measurements, bring your trusty measuring tape, and review the individual bridal or groom’s rooms prior to booking. There are many free wedding planning seating chart apps to help arrange your floor plan and design the event layout for any occasion. We want to make the event planning process easy for you and your wedding planner. You can download our various floor plan seating charts to customize our venue layout with your guest lists digitally online. You can move the tables around and save as pdf to provide to your wedding and event planner. Add the DJ booth, dance floor, bridal table, and guest seating - with an email account and mouse click.

3. Catering Requirements

When asked years later, most guests will typically only remember either the food, venue, or reception location about the big day. Even still, food selection can be very limited at certain venues. Many will recommend or allow certain caterers for parties. Not at our wedding venue! We want your food, decor, and party celebration to highlight your style and selection. Order from your favorite restaurant, invite your guests to a potluck, or choose one of our preferred vendors. We hope you eat, dance, and celebrate those special events with us.

4. Where is the Dance Floor?

Is there enough room for dancing? Usually no more than 50% of your guests will rock the dance floor at once. Most dance floor rental companies calculate floor size using 30-50% of total guests dancing with an average of 3 square feet for every two guests. If you want your guests to social distance while dancing, double that to 6 ft for every two guests. So if 100 guests attend, 30-50 will dance at one time. Pricing for dance floor rentals vary, but expect at least $250 for 12’ x 12’ indoor dance floor. At Anastassia Ballroom, there is no need for dance floor rental fees; our wood flooring is made for it!

5. Is Parking Included?

What’s worse – getting a parking ticket on the big day or having road rage on the way to the reception? Fees, VIP, and street parking meters can be a disaster for guests. Having your wedding party pay to park or worry about the bill can leave a poor impression about the wedding ceremony. Some guests will only remember the ticket or the traffic navigating to the reception hall instead of the romantic wedding celebration. Remember to map out the route to the reception with Google Maps using the day of the week and time range to account for traffic. We also recommend visiting the venue during the weekday and event time to review concerns firsthand.

We hope you celebrate your wedding at our Lake County venue!
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