Event Planning Tips: Party Emergency Kit

One of the hardest parts of planning a party is to expect the unexpected. If you've watched any romantic comedy movie (rom com) in the past decade, there are so many unique situations that could potentially happen at a party, especially if you are hosting it. The bride and groom, for instance, could get stuck in traffic. The electricity could go out. The caterers get lost. Guests have a flat tire. The caterers drop a platter of food all over the floor. A fire starts in the kitchenette area. Are there enough parking options? Is there a backup plan for bad weather? As a party planner, it's important to consider these unexpected cases and be prepared if any emergency happens. That's why we recommend an emergency party planning kit just in case.

12+ Party Essential Items To Avoid An Emergency

Here are 13 items we at Anastasia Ballroom recommend to have in your party planning emergency kit. Some of these items we have at our Central Florida venue as a convenience when renting our space.

1. Emergency Medical Kit

Having a spare medical kit is always a good idea, especially one that is up-to-date with the latest ointments and wound care. A small kit costs less than $5, but it's priceless when you are dealing with an accidental minor cut or burn. Just keep the kit in your car and use it for your party needs. Suggested medical kit essentials: Bandaids, wipes, ointment, ice pack, and wound seal topical gel or powder. Buy a kit at your local grocery store, dollar store, convenience store or make your own.

2-3. Surge Protector with USB connectors and extra USB phone cables

Bringing a surge protector is a smart bet to not only protect your party equipment but in case party decor and cell phones require USB connectors. Lot of guests typically forget their a/c adapter for their phone charges, and with a 4-hour party, many might want to charge their devices. We always recommend bringing extra USB cables for Apple phone devices, Android devices, or tablet chargers. Don't want to bring multiple cables? Another option: Buy a wireless charging station like the one shown above that connects via USB. Most electrical outlets do not contain USB outlets, but we do have one surge protector at our venue(shown above) that contains two (2) USB outlets to use for your event.

4. Extra Memory Card

Old school memory card? You never know if your photographer might need an extra. Also, you'll probably be taking tons of photos so installing a new micro SD card in your phone is a good idea.

5. Flashlight

A simple flashlight is super inexpensive but could save the day in an emergency - especially if your cell phone battery is running low.

6. Extra Balloon Glue Dots

Bold balloon towers are a great way to frame magical party moments. But they can also be targets for teenage pranks. We suggest buying a pack of extra glue dots / balloon adhesive tabs and adding them to your emergency party kit. Low cost balloon dots are available at your local Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target or party store.

7. Bridal Emergency Kit

Bridal Emergency Kit / Wedding Day Emergency Kit Although bridal emergency kits are marketed for weddings - this is a must-have for party planning. You can make your own or simply buy one for ease and convenience! If you are packing your own kit, we at Anastassia Ballroom recommend having a spare set of small scissors, tape, lint remover, lip balm, deodorant, travel sewing kit, mints, safety pins, shout wipes, hand sanitizer, pen, mini sticky notes, eyeglass wipes, toothbrush, floss / floss picks / toothpicks, and bobby pins. Why a pen and mini sticky notes? If you are in party mode, there are a lot of things to do on your agenda. Don't forget to write them down to communicate to the caterer, event planning staff, or simply for your friends/family. Floss picks might come in handy for guests, especially if you are serving food that is more prone to getting stuck in teeth.

8. Fire Spray / Fire Blanket

Not all patrons feel comfortable holding a fire extinguisher bottle. Fire spray or a fire blanket is a great alternative to the traditional fire extinguisher. You simply throw the blanket on the fire to delay the development of the flames. Fire spray can easily fit in your emergency bag. It's lightweight, uncomplicated, and straightforward to use to prevent fire from spreading.

9. Extra Paper Towels & Batteries & Door Wedge

Paper towels are a life saver for party planning and event spills. Bring one to the party and place an extra in your car for any vehicle emergencies. If you are utilizing any batteries for your party decor, don't forget to bring some extra or a battery charging device to plugin during the event. If your venue does not have automatic doors, bring a sturdy door wedge. It will do wonders to ease vendor access and assist guests with accessibility needs.

10. Extra Utensils, Plastic Wrap, Water Bottles, and To-Go Boxes

If you are planning to offer guests to-go boxes, it's important to bring extra utensils, plastic wrap, and disposable boxes to send home all your scrumptious goodies. We also recommend providing water bottles in your party bags. With all the dancing at your party plus our Florida weather, you definitely want your guests to stay hydrated.

11. Flat Tire Kit / Car Chargers

One of the worst party feelings? It's almost midnight and a guest has a flat tire without a spare and another's electric car ran out of juice. What will you do? You can always carpool the guest to their home, but having a flat tire kit and car charger can make or break the day, especially when guests are on very specific travel schedules the following day. Make sure you or one of your friends and family members have an emergency flat tire kit, tire sealant, battery charger, and charging cables in your vehicle. A trusty flat tire kit can do wonders in any emergency situation, especially a party planning one. It can also serve as an alternative pump to blow a balloon!

12. Extra Umbrella or Parasol

Bring an extra umbrella or parasol with you you in case it's too windy or begins to rain. They can also dual as stunning props for photos.

13. Lighter / Matches for Birthday Cake Candles

Sometimes hosts forget to bring a lighter or matches for the candles atop the party cake. If this happens to you, some vehicles have automobile auxiliary power outlet for lighting the candle. You can also request your caterer bring a lighter or match set in advance, especially if you are using any food warmers. Please be careful when using lighters and matches around children, and don't forget to dispose of matches properly in water for at least 5 minutes.

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